A singing mother of 6.  

Journey from creative childhood to birthing and singing soothing songs to the active performer, singer, songwriter, sound healer and band member now.

Where will this journey end?


Ninindi & Mac @ Maleny Lane

Maleny Lane, 38 Maple St, Maleny

Ninindi performs with different collaborative acts.

One of them is with a man called Macdonald Hamilton. Mac plays a variety of instruments: sax, piano, flute, electric guitar, banjo, electric baritone guitar. While Ninindi takes her hands off the instruments other than her voice. Together they perform iconic covers that everyone has heard and loves.

For 2 hours Ninindi and Mac will play some of your favourite music while you dine at the Maleny Lane open-air food court.

Maleny Lane provides a delicious dining experience with a variety of world cuisine to choose from. The beauty of the food court in Maleny Lane is also desirable with plants all around, rustic-looking buildings, eating under large umbrellas and a tall gorgeous tree and blue open sky.

Come listen to Ninindi's resonant tones and Mac's multi-instrumental ability for a pleasurable dining experience.