Ninindi celebrates culture, sustainability and holistic principles.

She loves to sing songs that reflect the nature of life and the essence of a feeling or a story, as well as music that gets you dancing. 

Ranging from sweet meditative music, harmony, folk, shamanic impulse, improvisation, to pop, rock, African influenced funky rhythms and jives.

Her music also includes the involvement of a spoken word 'transformation technology' . Neutralise toxic emotions and limiting patterns, and focus your attention on loving your life.

Music By Ninindi

Sweet meditation music

Sweet meditation music

Improvisation music

Improvisation music

Short 1 min soundscapes

Short 1 min soundscapes

Transformation Technology

Based on the latest neuroscience and therapeutic techniques, 'transformation technology' will have you focused on a life you love rather than dwelling in the negative.

Do you feel like aspects of your life are repeating themselves?  Are you constantly self-sabotaging yourself before reaching your goals?  Are you focused on the things going wrong in your life?

Say goodbye to old outdated modus operandi, and say hello to new potentials as you Reset your habits, thoughts, beliefs, and emotions to a New Master Switch.

What you resist will persist, so the only way forward to is to remove the resistance and Replace with Beliefs, Emotions and Actions that will Support You Now.”

Testimonial - Pascale Richy

"It's like I've got a different default point now...  rather than reacting and relying on my mind to re-program those thoughts - it's like I've just gone to a different place - a stronger sense of boundaries, a stronger sense of my needs, confidence, and assurity to communicate."

Testimonial - Laura Wordsworth

Ninindi's Sound Healing & Transformation Technology