Earth Mother Dreaming

Ninindi's Sound and Superconscious Healing

2 relaxing hours of singing and healing as you Lay Back and Receive Soothing Vocals and Transformative Power of Therapeutic Technique applied through spoken word.” - Ninindi

Earth Mother Dreaming combines the magical ethereal voice of Ninindi, and 'transformation technology' based on the latest neuroscience and psychology principles called Superconscious Healing, to bring you a special evening of soothing sound and cognitive transformation. 

Experience deep relaxation and loving presence with gorgeous sound vibrations from Ninindi's voice and various instruments designed to embrace your heart's essence and fill you with joy and sustenance. 

Plus leave transformed with new supportive beliefs, emotions, and clarity to enjoy loving your life and radiate love presence.



"Feeling so nurtured and relaxed and loved after my experience with Earth Mother Dreaming." - Karen Natasha



Dreaming In A New Consciousness

What is Superconscious Healing?

Superconscious Healing is a therapeutic technique created by Dr. Colette Streicher with a significant influence from Dr. Garry Flint using the language of symbols, pictures, and metaphors to speak to the subconscious mind.

'Superconscious' is a name given to the information field that surrounds us all.  Such as the seed that grows into a tree, and a fertilized egg grows into a baby.

Superconscious Healing retrains the unconscious mind to form new habits, beliefs, emotions, and identities that support your current growth choices in life.  It utilizes the superconscious field of awareness to identify and neutralize the habits, beliefs, emotions, and identities that inhibit your growth and replace them with supportive ones.

Neuroscience teaches us that it is possible to 'change your mind' literally. Through the ongoing creation of synaptic connections from learning new skills and information, which are then repeated and sustained, old synaptic connections are released, and you are able to produce results in your life that before you never thought possible. 

Self-sabotaging identities, emotions, and beliefs keep you from feeling like you can achieve what you desire in life.  These identities induce you to withdraw from your goals before achieving them.  Therefore, Superconscious Healing is designed to deal with these self-sabotaging patterns and give you the freedom to be truly yourself.

We are all part of the earth+Superconscious expressing individual journeys through life. 

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