Feeling so nurtured and relaxed and loved after today's earth mother dreaming.” - Karen Natasha

Singing The Earth Through You And Dreaming In The New Consciousness BOOKINGS ESSENTIAL (Look below) 

For 2 hours, in a beautiful acoustic space, having brought your warm bedding and blanket, lie down super warm and comfortable for superconscious healing magnificence and a yummy sound immersion with Ninindi. 

Sink deep into the earth know and feel your being as an intrinsic part of the earth as you listen to Ninindi's song. 

"With her magical ethereal voice and masterful songwriting, Ninindi informs, delights, and seduces. 
Close your eyes and take a mysterious journey with Mother Earth." - Wolfgang Flatow 

Superconscious healing is a transformation process that allows you to clear the pathway to your dreams and goals. We will focus on the end result of your magnificence on this day. And any trauma, conflict, hereditary influence, and so on will be managed by superconscious - the information field around us all, to make way for ease and peace towards the goal of being your magnificent self. 

"I was amazed, because when I came out of that 'healing' I let go of the anger - I didn't have the anger anymore, the nightmares stopped, I was at peace with myself, and it hasn't come back into my mind at all. I'm just moving forward with my life." - Laura Wordsworth 

This combination of transformation technology and sound vibration can expand your internal knowing, heal your body, and allow you to express yourself at a deeper level. 

We are all part of the earth, and we all have our individual journeys through life. Let's celebrate our divine nature as intrinsic beings of both earth and spirit with Earth Mother Song by Ninindi. 

BOOK IN: https://www.appreciationfoundation.life/contribution 
PRICE: $45 

A single Superconscious healing treatment is over $100. 
An hour of singing by Ninindi is $100 

This is true value at $45 for 2 hours worth of Magic!

Your singing is like a vine growing, nature developing, connecting strands, flowing over you.  Nature sounds.” - Merri Winter