Ninindi tunes into Natural Surrounds to Produce Wonderful Harmonizing Music Which Amplifies the Forces of Nature that Sustain Us

As a mother of six, Inspired Artist and Sound Sculptress, Ninindi’s music will transport you to a world of authentic peace and connection with all things. 


Me , Myself and I

Hello, I'm Ninindi, currently living and performing on the Sunshine Coast of Australia.

I started singing from when I was a child.  Inspired by my Italian immigrant parents who sang Italian harmony songs on long road trips from Far North Queensland to Brisbane.

Music and singing was one of the areas I found the most encouragement in my life. 

With some natural ability and a determination to keep improving my singing skills through observation and practice. 

I became the singer I am today.

During many years of having children, I also sang in ceremonial groups.  Intuitive sound meditation lulled people into 'deeper' states of being and opened the pathway for greater intuition and meditation. 

Sound meditation opened the doors of healing and the use of my voice for transcendental experiences.  It's still my favourite form of singing today.  To open my voice and sing whatever chooses to emerge.  It's an experience unlike any other.  An opportunity to feel my 'soul' and spirit, and emerge into whatever sound chooses to be heard.

In 2010, with 5 children in tow, I had the desire to perform.  Even though I was still terrified of speaking on stage, I could still sing. So I regularly sang at a local venue Open Mic Night with baby on board (in a sling hugged close to me). 

I also performed in my own gig, with 4 other talented musicians and a space filled beautiful women dancing the night away.

After that I carried my 6th and last child to term.  Prolonging the wait on my luxurious 😆  music career yet again.

Even though I was happy - I had my family and loved to sing - the frustration I experienced from this difficulty in speaking to people, chronic fear of speaking on stage, and of being truly myself in front of others, left me with a desire to improve myself.

Through these years I was on a constant search for how to 'relieve' myself of these symptoms of stress, overwhelm, and anxiety.

I thought there was something 'wrong' with me, and if there something wrong with me, I need to 'fix' it, right?

So I chose to go get a variety of emotional release therapy sessions done to help me sort out my problems.  I chose whichever emotional release therapies that drew me.  And they were great - to a degree.  

I found they helped me with certain issues to a certain extent.

What I didn't know, is that the more I focused on all that was wrong with me, everything that was wrong continued to show up.   There was always something more to look at.  Always more lack, incompetence, and always not enough.

I eventually learned that my life was being led by my past choices, or non-choices - choices made from reaction to a situation, hereditary disposition,  environment, or trauma from childhood.

And that I needed to shift my focus onto my outcome for my life.  Which takes getting used to.

I first learned about outcome focus from watching a video online by Greg Braden.  He spoke about an experience with a Native American who went to a sacred spot to pray for rain in the desert. In the next few days there was torrential rain.

Later, I studied some of Joe Dispenza's work on gratitude and outcome focus as well. 

I was particularly inspired by his research and scientific education into the field of manifestation, or being the end result

However, I found sitting in meditation every day for hours on end to be too time consuming, and my 'stuff' - old beliefs, non-action, strangled emotions would all still come up when I tried to 'do' something substantial in the world.

I hadn't achieved the art of consistent action yet.

Then I discovered Chris Duncan and his work with superconscious healing.  And this is where I finally found the results I was after.

Me, out in the world, WITHOUT anxiety, stress, and overwhelm.

Using a simple formula.  Focus on the end result, then clear the resistance on the path to that end result.

Resistance is made up of all those decisions and non-choices made in the past in order to survive in those past circumstances, which now block the path to your desired results.  

These days I find it easy to converse with people, and speak on stage.  I feel calm, at ease and confident. To the point where I wonder why I found it so difficult in the first place. 

I make choices in my life that are consistent with my dreams and goals, and my focus is on living a life I love, being the full expression of who I am, with health and vibrancy.

And I know that if I run into any resistance along the path to my goals and dreams, it's a simple process to clear them.

Music and singing have been a mainstay in my life.  It is one of the most enjoyable, relaxing, and heart-opening activities you can do.   

Developing the correct mindset focus has only enhanced that for me, plus given me greater courage, clarity, and confidence. 

I've stepped up to know my true worth and value myself in the process.  And I'd love to help you do the same.

As a woman, I've noticed that women often tend to be under-appreciated, and undermined in the workplace, in society, in our families. 

We generally do not see our own value and worth and we allow ourselves to be manipulated or swayed by others. 

Rather than following our own dreams, we're busy taking care of others and get taken for granted by others and ourselves.

I'd love to see you, as a woman, truly appreciate yourselfEnjoy your life and fill it with music, health, singing, vibrancy. 

To rise up and be a powerful creator for your own life.

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