Love Your Life Now

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Love Your Life Well with Heart-Expanding Music

Experience a world full of music, stories, and connexion as Ninindi presents her signature heart-expanding music that will have you dancing, crying, relaxing, singing. Interviews with amazing people of all age range and experiences with stories for you to absorb and resonate with.

  • connexion to your inner and outer wild nature thru dance, nature, art, music 
  • live and recorded interviews with amazing womxn just like you to inspire and influence you to become more of who you are
  • first release and making of music and music videos - would you like to be an influential part in the writing of songs?
  • discounts on music/albums, early access to new songs/albums, access exclusive/unreleased songs, and song sheet PDFs 



Earth Mother Dreaming - Singing the Earth Through You

A combination of transformation technology and live vocal sound healing to expand your internal knowing, bring joy to your heart, and express yourself at a deeper level.

  • live vocal sound healing 
  • spoken word superconscious healing
  • connect in to your inner nature 
  • clear outdated beliefs, emotions, and identities and replace with supportive ones
  • express yourself fully and profoundly 
  • gain clarity on your desires
  • know and feel your being as an intrinsic part of the earth